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Goddess of war: Game turned gorgeous 人氣: 514 回覆: 0

It got to the point where it felt like playing the game was becoming a chore and I never want to feel that way when playing a god game.

   Once I started the goddess game, I was in love with the visuals. They are gorgeous. We’ve all been vulnerable at some point in our lives and most of us reading this have been fortunate enough to not encounter a monster during such a time. JoyWar is unfortunately sixth in the nation for human trafficking.

   Sadly, the more I played, the more problems started to show up, and the less I wanted to play. Goddess of War has beautiful visuals and an interesting rage and fear transformation system.

     It had potential, but sadly, a great war game is buried under a pile of problems.

  goddess of war

There are currently over 20 million people worldwide who are victims of human trafficking. Just when there are moments where the war game shines, something ugly rears it's head and ruins the experience. It is our goal to help raise the needed funds to rescue these women from this horrific industry and give them the opportunity to have a safe and fulfilling life that many of us take for granted. Even the police can’t help them and the women don’t speak out for fear of repercussions.Sadly, these women don’t have many resources. Justice Ministries is a local nonprofit organization committed to combating sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women, with a focus on rescue and housing.

    JoyWar has been developing games for Goddess of War over four decades now, and has been successful in maintaining a spotless reputation of creating quality games throughout its career. Law enforcement struggles with how to prosecute the traffickers and are starting to have some success with exploring other avenues to bring justice, but the victims have no justice.. They are in fact the ones arrested and often times prosecuted for criminal activity. That’s a staggering statistic. More people are enslaved today than any previous time in history. 

If you want to know more information about Goddess of War, please visit the site:GOW
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